Use The Profit From The MetLife Stadium Games To Pay Doug Marrone

Dec 29, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange head coach Doug Marrone greets linebacker Dyshawn Davis (35) on the sidelines during the second quarter at the 2012 New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


This is an opportunity for Daryl Gross to win over a lot of the people who were against moving home games to New York City over the next few years. All of the people that were in favor of moving the games said that it would get a lot of exposure for the football program, that it would help for recruiting, and above all else, make the football program a lot of money.

This is the time to use that money.

Doug Marrone is interviewing for NFL jobs. While I don’t know his motive behind interviewing for these jobs, I do know what this means for the Syracuse football program. This team needs Marrone, and one way to ensure that is to give the man a contract extension that he absolutely deserves. While Syracuse is a private university which means less funding than a public school, the money that the Orange made from their home games to MetLife Stadium against USC, Notre Dame, and Penn State in the future should absolutely be at least partially contributed to a long term deal to keep Doug Marrone in Syracuse. Daryl Gross said when he came here that he is committed to rebuilding the football program, and this is what he needs to do to continue on that commitment.

If Daryl Gross can use some of that money to give Doug Marrone an extension, then at least the season ticket holders that were adamantly opposed to the decision to move the games can see the money directly reinvested in the football program. I for one hated the fact that major home games were being moved away from the Dome, but if the money is put towards something that will help the program I will be more okay with it than I was before. Anyone who knows anything about this football program know how vital Doug Marrone is to the Orange’s success, and that he is critical to the advancement of this team back to where they once were.

Syracuse University is not required to discuss contract extensions within the athletic department, and Daryl Gross has declined to do so multiple times in the past. However, Daryl Gross needs to pay this man. Get him in a long term deal, and don’t allow him to leave this program. From everything we’ve heard about Marrone’s loyalty, integrity, and passion for Syracuse University should make this pretty straightforward that if he can get a raise in his salary, there would be no reason for him to want to leave here. The anticipation in to next season in the ACC was already building at a rapid pace following the Pinstripe Bowl, and with Doug Marrone Syracuse fans can elevate their expectations that much more with the program in the right hands.