Jan 7, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone speaks at the press conference announcing his hiring as the new Bills head coach at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jimmer's Take On Doug Marrone

Jimmy Morgan is a producer/on-air talent for WSKO in Syracuse. You can hear his work daily on The Score 1260 AM all throughout Central New York. You can also hear him in the morning on 95x. Here is his take on the Doug Marrone situation:

When Doug Marrone was introduced as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills earlier this week, his press conference resembled that of Syracuse a few years back. Calling the Buffalo gig his “dream job”, Marrone was a cliché machine as any new head coach who didn’t know what to expect in his new job. The only emotion he gave was one of excitement. He was anxious to go to work. When asked about what kind of staff he would assemble, Marrone said he wanted “thorough NFL experience”.

Days went by and Syracuse was under the assumption that the ties with Marrone had been severed completely. News broke late last night that current Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett would be hired by the Bills to the same position. Not only did Doug Marrone go back on his word, he picked an orange off his former tree. Hackett’s resume does include NFL experience as a quality control coach with the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I don’t believe that satisfies as “thorough NFL experience”. Something must have gone seriously wrong during his time at Syracuse for Doug to want to set Scott Schafer up for failure.

Is this because Hackett was the best choice for the job? I doubt it. Can he do the job? Sure, but it is well noted that athletic director Daryl Gross and Marrone have butted heads in the past on some issues. The two did not have the strongest relationship and I think Daryl got under Marrone’s skin during his tenure here at Syracuse. Doug knew Daryl had nothing to come back with if he was offered an NFL job so why not just give the middle finger to Gross and the program by knocking out the cornerstone to the entire plan of keeping things the same.

People around Syracuse now see Marrone as the “bad guy” in all of this. I think the town as a whole has an understanding as to why he was at odds with Gross, but to set up your former defensive coordinator for failure is the part where Syracuse fans feel betrayed. Doug Marrone should’ve seriously considered his options before opening his mouth. He spit out a few words and now he is going to have to eat them again.

Marrone left by putting a very sour taste in Orange fans’ mouths. One that, quite frankly, will not go away anytime soon. There is one cure for this bad taste, and that is winning. When you have been set up to fail though, that is a pretty daunting task to complete. Doug knew exactly what he was doing with this. By doing so, he committed the ultimate act of treason. Syracuse fans have a right to be upset.

I have a little saying that goes along with this: Don’t get mad though, get even. If there was one thing Marrone was totally displeased with during his time here in Syracuse is the fan support his football team received. So why not fill the Dome to capacity for Scott Schafer and give the finger right back to Marrone?

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