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What A Four Team Playoff Means For Syracuse Football

Nov 11, 2011; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange wide receiver Alec Lemon (15) goes up for a catch against the South Florida Bulls during the second half at the Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

In short, absolutely nothing.

With the announcement of a four team football playoff for college football coming in the 2014 season, many football fans are excited at the prospect of seeing even better postseason football in determining a national champion. Fans of schools like Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, USC, and Texas just to name a few, are absolutely ecstatic at the idea of more teams being included in the hunt for a National Champion each season.

But with this four team playoff system, I believe that Syracuse Football has just as good of a chance of making it to the playoffs as they currently do when it comes to making the BCS National Championship game. Am I in favor of playoffs? Absolutely. Do I think four teams are enough?

No way.

Americans can’t get enough football. If you don’t believe me, turn on the TV in the middle of the spring and watch an episode of NFL or College Football Live or two. The sports popularity means the people behind the playoffs stand to make a lot of money, more than they ever have before.

But why stop at four teams? To me, the absolute perfect number for a playoff would be eight teams. With eight teams, you could reward each BCS conference’s champion with a playoff spot, as well as add a Boise State or a TCU should they run the table and have a great season. Everyone would have a shot, and everyone would be happy.

The current four team playoff system keeps the Big East and ACC completely irrelevant in college football. SEC fans love it as they will more than likely have two teams out of the four in the coming years, and the rest of the conferences are happy because they will still have a shot at the title, and won’t have to worry about two teams from the same division, let alone the same conference, playing each other for the BCS Championship. Six conference champions and two at large bids would be absolutely perfect.

So in terms of Syracuse Football, I’m afraid this four team playoff means very little for Orange fans other than the fact that there will be more exciting postseason football. The bowl system is still in place, and Syracuse can still be rewarded for a successful season. I think the playoff system will eventually get to eight teams, and when it finally does ten years or so down the road, Syracuse fans will be able to root for the Orange to make a push at playoff football.

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